„Music represents nothing, 
it feels.“ 
Pascal Quignard

Notes for Six Bells
from Sabrina Hölzer
and Paul Valikoski


A horn has two directions. An outward and an inward. As a directional listening device it allows the perception of distant sounds that cannot be heard by the naked ear, as in the form of a stethoscope. The sound is captured in the funnel, bundled, concentrated and fed to our eardrums. An old man, a deaf person, a listening child. It is an extension into the distance, into the remote, into the unknown. In wars, they are multiplied, enlarged, and oriented to spot motion and sound in order to overhear air-
craft. The satellite dish is a modified funnel. For the universe. For television. The funnel was part of the first recording device; it captured a sound and depressed it in circling wax. A funnel captures liquid in a downward flow. Trajectory. A vessel to pass through, to fill, to funnel, to torment. The Wizard of Oz’s hat. As a probe into the outer realm, it finds its opposite in the amplifier. The gramophone emits what was captured. The megaphone makes known: it advertises, appeals, screams, calls. Police siren. For those who want to be heard. In Revelation the trumpets bring evil, are blown by angels. Apocalypse, book of consolation and hope. The trumpets of Jericho. Military equipment. Annunciation. The dropping of bombs. Jericho sirens. Foghorn. iPhone amplifier.

Musical triad

“This harmonious trinity (God) is the true and right triune root of all the most perfect harmony that can exist in the world, as are the thousands and thousands of thousand tones that can can be attributed to a part of this trinity (...) Whether in the world a brighter image and shadow of the great mystery the Blessed can be given to the loving trinity, I know not.” 

Quote from Johann Crüger’s
“Synopsis Musica” from 1630 Caput VIII


Symbol between heaven and earth; call to prayer; reminder of obedience to divine laws. In China, their sound symbolizes cosmic harmony. Echo of divine omnipotence. “The voice of God, which carries the soul beyond earthly boundaries...”


Trumpets Of JerichO

Jericho Trumpets: Sirens that by the middle of World War II were attached to the legs of the Junkers Ju 87, a type of German dive bomber. They were wind-operated by small propellers as soon as the aircraft dipped into an extremely fast and steep nosedive (in some variants also attached to the
tail fins of bombs). Used to intimidate the opponent. A part of a psychological warfare.

The name of these sirens derives from the fall of Jericho (Bible, Jos 6 EU), in which the sound of trumpets, trombones or similar brass instruments made the walls collapse.


Mouthpiece, speaking trumpet,
loudhailer, megaphone

Wikipedia says: “...a device that directs the dissemination of sound, and thus improves the legibility, particularly of spoken language, even to listeners far away...”

“Gather a shell from the strewn beach,
And listen at its lips; they sigh
The same desire and mystery,
The echo of the whole sea’s speech.”
Dante Gabriel Rossetti


The element of 3 is water, the associated geometric figure is the triangle. “All good things come in 3’s”, “As easy as 1-2-3”, “Three wishes”, “Till the count of three”. In fairy tales three riddles are solved and three tests passed; if you’re lucky, you might meet a fairy and be granted three wishes. Whole-
ness fulfilled. Trinity, triad, thesis-anti-thesis-synthesis. The Holy Trinity. Trident, Tricycle, trichromatic theory. Three monkeys. Saying, “When I count to three ...”. Synchronizing the activities of several people. Three equidistant pulses make the third pulse predictable.



1 + 2 + 3 = 6
1 × 2 × 3 = 6
3 × 2 = 6

In the ancient world and the Middle Ages, a perfect number whereby the 3 was considered
the first male number and the 2 as the first female number. In China, the number 6 relates to the influence of heaven.


“A country where you
breathe only with longing”
Elias Canetti

Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba.
Bell = Horn
2 Bells = French horn.
Where is the lipping (entrance),
where the amplifier (exit)?
3 × 2 = 6


Mobile of 5 French horns and two voices. Composition of a 10-voice piece. Horns hang in a circle. In the middle of the circle lies an ideal place. From it I can move away or toward it. Center. Position. Harmony in the center, focus on individual bells. Where is my position? 

Musical mobile. Horizontal and vertical. Everything revolves, into and against each other, a sound-Mobile with 10 voices...

We lose the space, something else is important now, the project takes a hundred roads and we leave all of them again.

“A country, where the one who says ‘I’,
sinks swiftly in the earth.” 
Elias Canetti

New space. Dominant, monstrous, religious. Three domes. Everything is small except the tuba. Unanimously. The horn is inside.
The sound outside. Horn / lung of the Church. I don’t see the producer. There is no voice. Just air. The megaphone has no voice. What is revealed to us? No matter what, the sounds must revolve, with each other, against each other...
Element air.
Water. Three.
“One entity/being, three hypostases”– Substance / Nature, three “substances”, three emanations: God: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The Filioque question. Music:
(root, third, fifth) cosmos, soul, human communication etc.

St. Johannes Evangelist

Church. Built in 1898 - 1900 in the Neo-Romanesque style, designed by Max Spitta. Destroyed by fire bombing in World War 2. Simplified reconstruction in the 1950s. Inauguration in 1957.


Three horns in St. John the Evangelist (orientations not real, only ideal,
because not fixable)

   a    b    c    d    e    f    g    

|    /    \    —    —    /    /

|    /    \    —    /    —    \

|    /    \    —    \    /    / 

etc ...


“... Hypostasis means not only the nature and basis, but also stability and the ability to withstand. And stasis, besides standing, stand or location, also means rebellion, dissent and strife. Its origin is being, and so anything but friendly. But something that is completely resolved, stands firmly by itself, constantly lives with itself, that is to say that has the interiority of being, can also come into conflict with others, can quarrel. Without the determination to be, which is the essential feature
of being, no dissent is possible ...”

Byung-Chul Han


Lat. Intimus, literally the farthest edge, the innermost Come to me as the narrow end of the funnel would to the inside and the wide bloom to the outside. Where is the tipping point? I hear or I articulate. I bridge distance.


sound locator

Type of ear trumpet. Developed in WW2 as a hearing aid for military reconnaissance to locate guns on the battlefield.

“...And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour...

...And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow... 

...And the people were angry; and thy wrath is come, and the time to judge the dead and to give reward unto thy servants, the prophets and the saints and those who fear thy name, small and great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth...” 

Revelation, Apocalypse.

sung by my grandfather

„The angels are lighting God’s
little candles
softly they glow as the day says
goodbye the angels are lighting
God’s little candles
we call them stars; they’re our
friends in the sky
the cares of the day
like clouds roll away
when night twinkles through
God’s curtain of blue
the angels are lighting God’s
little candles
darling it’s time to be
dreaming of you“



An Installation
25.06. -  03.07.2016

St. Johannes-Evangelist-Church
Auguststraße 90
10117 Berlin

A production of Into The Dark
in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.
Funded by
The Governing Mayor of Berlin – senate chancellery –
cultural affairs.


Sabrina Hölzer

Paul Valikoski

Technical Support:
Ole Brolin

Ladislav Zajac

Sound and Project-assistance:
Mareike Trillhaas

Consulting, development
and production of the double bells:
Ferdinand Kleinschmidt,
Buffet Crampon GmbH Geretsried

Technical Realisation:
Andreas Gambs, Buffet Crampon GmbH Geretsried

Acoustic Consulting:
Klaus Wogram

Production Manager:
Dr. Jost Lehne

Technical Management:
Martin Beims, Christian Spratte, MWB Theater- und Veranstaltungs GmbH

Robert Wolf

Studio for Applied Arts GmbH

Thanks to the Buffet Group Germany in Markneukirchen, Buffet Crampon Geretsried and the sound department of Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin for their support.

For the light equipment we give thanks
to the team of Berliner Festspiele.



Proof text:  
original articles by Sabrina Hölzer and
Paul Valikoski. Quotations by other authors are named and marked.

Quotations from the Bible are marked with author and chapter.

All translations by
Olivia Parkes.

Proof pictures
top down: 

title / copyright: 
Dan Wojcik

Pic 1 + 16 - 18: 
“Sound locator” / Museum Waalsdorp. 

Pic 2:
“Groundplan ofSt. Johannes-Evangelist-Curch” / Kultur Büro Elisabeth. 

Pic 3: 
“Draft of doublebell by Ferdinand Kleinschmidt from Buffet Crampon” /
Into the Dark. 

Pic 4: 
“Bell cemetery” /
Bundesarchiv Berlin. 

Pic 5: 
“Trombones of Jericho” / bpk Dietmar Katz. 

Pic 6: 
“Klaus Kinski as Fitzcarraldo in the
movie of Werner Herzog” /

Pic 7: 
“Seashell Sounds”/ Tangible Memories Project. 

Pic 8: 
sound locator and speaker /
Popular Science June 1940.

Pic 9: 
“Paul with doublebell” / Paul Valikoski.

Pic 10: 
“Expression of Organization Operating on Energy #52” / Ladislav Zajac.

Pic 11 + 12:
“Talking with Paul about the concept”/
Sabrina Hölzer.

Pic 13: 
“Extinguishing a flame” /

Pic 14: 
“Paul on Sound Researches” /
Sabrina Hölzer.

Pic 15: 
“Camping on Vancouver Island” / Paul Valikoski.

Pic 19: 
“Paul’s grandfather and mother / Archive Paul Valikoski. 

© Program Into the Dark UG, June 2016, 
V.i.S.P.: Dr. Jost Lehne.